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Looking for a copywriter who’ll put complex matters into attractive and engaging words? Looking to market your brand, gain the trust of your target audience and increase conversions?

Look no further.


Services online

Defining your identity as a company and putting your brand into words. Planning and hunting down conversions. Those are core proficiencies.

Professional copywriter with 11 years of experience

I’m a Master of Arts (MA) with a diploma in journalism. I have 11 years of professional experience as an online copywriter and I’ve written English copy for brands like Google and Microsoft.

All copywriting is based on quick but thorough research of topic, terminology, tone, your business and target audience.

Come to Storyhunter for copywriting in English and Danish. Here are the areas of expertise:

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Website Copywriting

Carving out the features of your brand, finding your brand story, your payoff or slogan, explaining your CSR policy or drawing up your mission statement.

Those are core proficiencies.

Others are case studies, landing pages and writings for campaigns more complex: The copy you get speaks intimately to your target audience and tempts it to engage in your offer.

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… for professional web copywriting – that lives and breathes, gets through and engages.

Find your brand story and business profile. Get told!

Whether you’re a delicate flower or a regular power house, I’ll get to the source of your existence as a business and present you in the language your audience speak.

It’ll be short, intelligent, tangible, evoke emotions and engage. It will lay out the foundation of your communications externally and internally too – help you build the house that marks your brand and invite in your customers.

Map your strengths. Pave the way for expansion with a clear corporate identity and a powerful brand story.

EXTERNALLY: A clear corporate identity or business profile and a strong brand story tell the audience who you are, what you stand for and what is to be expected when users buy their products from you.

A clear profile lays the foundation for your communications. It safeguards consistency and gives you ideas for the appropriate channels of marketing. It’s at the center of any well thought out communications and marketing strategy.

INTERNALLY: In addition, your Corporate Identity helps you realize how you should manage your resources and where to put your energy and efforts.

Your brand gives you direction. It helps you set your goals and makes it much easier to address your customers with products, services and communication as such.

It maps your Unique Selling Points and hands you the drums to beat when communicating with your target audience. Conditions to better your sale and lead generation improve exponentially to the strength of your brand.

Get the means to target your communication towards both employees, actual and potential customers.

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Landing Pages, category and product descriptions

Good product descriptions grab the customer’s attention. They supply facts, but also a vivid story that puts the product in perspective to the everyday of the customer – and it entices with the advantages of purchase.

Good product descriptions are found in Google and other search engines. They are remembered and consistent with your brand and each other. They are small pieces of art I have a vast experience in delivering.

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Manuscripts for commercials

Manuscripts for commercials are composed quite differently from ordinary sales letters. They too are based on facts, but normally they use storytelling and are shaped along a dramatic curve – same as movies coming out of Hollywood.

Typically, the explainer video presents a problem right at the beginning. This is called the complication.

The film has a main character who fights the complication during 3-5 stages of development that functions the same as acts in a play. The narrative develops into a climax before the character is finally redeemed.

It requires great exercise and craftsmanship to master this kind of factual sales story. I have what it takes. There is a reason I’m called the Storyhunter.

Explain your selling points in a minute. Gain the trust of your audience and bring the benefits of your product or service to light.

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… for a script to your company video

Services to print

Over the years I have delivered a large amount of copywriting for newspaper banner ads, sales letters, brochures and catalogues. Even various types of packaging bear my words.

Different rules apply when writing for print compared to online. Good copywriting penetrates the noise of cliches and colored headlines and paints clear and attractive pictures in the mind of the recipient. It tickles the recipient’s imagination while conveying a sales message attractively and concisely.

Storyhunter helps you get to stronger, more vibrant and accurate sales messages – also when it comes to print.

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What is a good copywriter?

A good copywriter conveys the message to attract attention, interest, trust and conversion. The copywriter knows how to write it short and sweet - or longer and more detailed with the correct use of all appropriate technical terminology. Optimization towards relevant media - e.g. Google – is also the copywriter’s task.



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